Simple Simon Pies: Vendor of the Week for September 26!

Bob Whitford, a British ex-pat who lives in Calgary, started baking pies in his home kitchen. It was 1987 and the beginning of the resurgence of farmers markets. In fact, Bob had something to do with that. He was a founding member of the Calgary Farmers Market. Bob brought his love of pies to the market and found his niche.

Savoury pies are a blend of flavours, casseroles in an edible container. Add a salad and you have a complete meal. Over the years, the pie choices have grown. At the Beverly market, customers can taste a variety of pies before making a choice for dinner. Buying 4 pies gets you a discount and solves lunches and dinners for a good portion of the week.

As well as individual pies, Simple Simon sells meals that feed the whole family. Butter chicken, Thai Beef Satay, Mac and Cheese are just some of the choices. Soups bring variety to meal time and come in many flavours that range from clam chowder and beef barley to borscht.

In addition to the savoury pies are the fruit pies. Simple Simon brings a selection of pies to each market. There are pies made from seasonal, fruit combinations and cheesecake fruit pies. These are hand-made daily at Simple Simon’s bakery, using traditional recipes developed over 30 years.

Can’t make up your mind? Ask for a pie or soup sample

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