Holden Colony is Vendor of the Week: Oct 3

In 1996, Henry and Ben were young men, learning about farmers markets from their parents, John and Susie Hofer. John and Susie were one of the first vendors at the fledgling Beverly Farmers’ Market all those years ago. They brought a variety of farm produce, poultry, and pickled goods, fresh from the farm to the city.

Today, John is no longer with us and Susie is retired. She now enjoys the opportunity to visit with her grandchildren. Henry and Ben have taken over the markets and continue their twenty one year old commitment to Beverly. In fact, they are introducing another generation to us.

The Holden Colony has been a staple at our market. Their farm produces a prolific variety of vegetables, as well as chickens, eggs, Saskatoon berries and more. At the end of summer, pickles are available and Saskatoon berry pies are ready to take home. Bulk purchases of tomatoes, carrots, beets, and cucumbers are available for purchase to pickle and can at home.

This Tuesday is the last Beverly market for the 2017 season. The Holden Colony will be the Vendor of the Week and that gives their customers an opportunity to stock up for Thanksgiving and for winter storage.

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