Ojinika Glass is Vendor of the Week on Tuesday, August 20th!

Flameworking or Lampworking is the traditional term for borosilicate or hard glass glassblowing. Soft glass glassblowing is an ancient art form but lampworking is a newly designed way of working with glass and was developed in the 70’s to be used on borosilicate, commonly known as Pyrex. It has gained much popularity and diversity in the modern day and is now used in an abundance of designs. It is a very interesting science based artisan trade that requires you to continuously adjust your flame type from big and hot to small and cool, from oxidizing to reducing in order to get the perfect colour effect and heat.

Visit Ojinika Glass August 20th from 4-8pm! The first 15 customers to spend $10 at Ojinika will receive a $5 voucher, redeemable anywhere in the market!

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