Fat Franks is Vendor of the Week on Tuesday, September 3rd!

Visit Fat Franks September 3rd from 4-8pm! The first 15 customers to spend $10 at Fat Franks will receive a $5 voucher, redeemable anywhere in the market!

“Fat Franks was created in 1995 after the owners snuck into the Vancouver Jazz Festival and re-discovered the delight of a well grilled dog in a freshly baked bun with lots of out of the ordinary condiments.

Back in Edmonton, after convincing the city officials and the health board that “street-meat” was not an evil incantation to be released upon the denizens, we went about designing our custom made hot dogs, sausages and smokies sourced out our locally baked buns and decided on a fresh choice of sauces and condiments to top things off, so to speak.

We hit the street with three carts, lots of curious questions and looks and well ….never looked back!

Since that humble start of 3 carts in Edmonton, we have grown to a fleet of 20+ mobile street kitchens, the Original Fat Franks Little Dog House on Whyte Ave, a full service kiosk @ WEM Phase III and a new 1200 SF licensed ( craft beers and wines) Fat Franks Dog House in Capilano neighborhood ( more to follow!!!)”

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