Here is our list of friendly vendors for the market season. Check back for updates and visit us Tuesday afternoons throughout the season.

Our Vendors By Name

AIG Produce: BC Fruit

Big Squish Lemonade: Homemade Lemonade

Can 17: Candied Jalapeno Peppers
Canadian Kettle Corn: Fresh Kettle Corn Popped On Site, Candy Floss
Catch of the Day: Fish & Seafood

Dovgan's Homemade UK Food/Baking: Breads: White, Garlic, Cheese, Beer, Sour Dough, etc.

Lil' Entrepreneurs Program: (Desirea Heck): Lanyards, Earings, Bracelets, Dish Cloths, Toques
Ethereal Therapy: Therapeutic Oils & Blends

Fat Franks: Concession: Hot Dogs Smokies
Fudgalicious: Many Flavors of Fudge
Ginger's Bannock House: Baked & Fried Bannock

Grannies Great Pickles & Jams: Jams, Jellies, Pickles

Holden Colony: Hot House & Field Vegetables, Chickens, Pickles, Pies
Home Made UK Goodies: Pyrohy, Holubshi, Pyrushky, Squares, Tarts
House of the Rising Bun : Cookies, Cakes, Buns
Kelly’s Café & Catering: Cakes, Pies, Donuts, Onion Cakes, Egg Rolls
Keri’s Delights: Regular, Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking, Frozen Soups

Little Dots Soap Co.: Hand Made Soap, Bath Salts & Lip Gel

Muffin Top Bakery: Scones, Bread, Squares, Cookies, Cinnamon Buns, Pizza Buns
Myco Innovations Inc.: Mushrooms: Fresh, Dried, Pate', Soup, Grow Kits

Oh For Foods Sake: Food Truck - Fusion - Butter Chicken Everything
Ojinika Glass: Hand Blown Glass Art
P.J. Plussize: Dressmaking Service
Phil's Carnival Cravings: Beef Jerky

Red Apple: BC Fruit
Riverbend Gardens: Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Field Vegetables

Sid’s Bird Houses: Unique Birdhouses from Reclaimed Products
Spice of Life: Snacks & Treats: Rice Crispy, Puffed Wheat Squares
Susan’s Jewelry

Thai Sab Food: Thai Curries, Soups, Stir Fry, Fresh Chilled Thai Food
This & That Crochet: Crocheted: Stuffed Toys, Dream Catchers, Cloths, Cat Beds
Tiffany Clarke Brashco & Joseph Kane: Squash, Beets & Sunflowers

Yves Bedard: Hand Made Wood Planters & Pots

Our Vendors By Category

VEGETABLES (Hot House & Field)

Holden Colony
Riverbend Gardens
Tiffany Clarke Brashco & Joseph Kane

AIG Produce
Red Apple

Riverbend Gardens
Tiffany Clarke Brashco & Joseph Kane

Dovgan's Homemade UK Food/Baking
Home Made UK Goodies
House of the Rising Bun
Ginger's Bannock House
Kelly's Café & Catering
Keri's Delights
Muffin Top Bakery
Spice of Life

Canadian Kettle Corn
Can 17
Big Squish Lemonade
Grannies Great Pickles & Jams
Ginger's Bannock House
Holden Colony
Home Made UK Goodies
Kelly's Café & Catering
Keri's Delights
Myco Innovations Inc.
Thai Sab Food

Catch of the Day
Holden Colony

Lil' Entrepreneurs Program: (Desirea Heck)
Ojinika Glass
This & That Crochet
P.J. Plussize
Susan's Jewelry
Yves Bedard
Canadian Kettle Corn
Fat Franks
Oh For Food Sakes

Ethereal Therapy
Little Dots Soap Co.


Note: These lists are always slightly behind as vendors change and update throughout the year. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

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